Office Tables

Buy Office Tables in Calabar

Businesses in Calabar and Nigeria as a whole need to buy Office Tables to enable them carry out their various operations successfully. Tables are of different sizes, shapes and materials. There are also different types of tables to suit various needs.

These tables are important to enable the efficient placement of business materials, writing materials, files etc. It also enables the storage of these materials in a safe place to avoid loss or theft. These materials may be very sensitive documents which could impact the daily running of businesses and hence very important.

Office Table and Chair

Office Table can exist alone or come as a set, i.e. Office Table and Chair. These sets usually come in identical colours helping to improve the aesthetics of your office. Our chairs are very durable and hence you would be using these pairs for a long time. We have tables that match quality of brands like Ikea. Office Table and Chair “to match” brings an executive look to your office and brings more calmness when interacting with clients. You can find these tables and chairS online on sites like Jumia, but why would you do that when we have something better?

Computer Table

We have tables that can help you put your computer, laptop and their accessories. These tables are designed in a way that will help you use these equipment with ease. Computer tables have different compartments for storage of various items. This is sometimes called an office workstation or desktop table. It is a favourite with our customers.These tables enable ease of locating the items you need at the most. Henss Nigeria Ltd. ensures that you get the best value for your computer tables.

Conference Table

Conference table are needed for the organizing meetings, seminars, workshops. These tables tend to be long and can accommodate many people. It is important for the design of these tables to be such that it withstand damage from food, liquids and other items that may be placed on top it during these occasions. We have in stock conference tables that will serve you would need in your offices. These tables in our stock are highly durable and made from the finest wood.

Reception Table

These tables are usually set in the front of offices to receive visitors. It can also be called a reception desk. Reception helps the receptionist to place items that will help to identify visitors coming to an organization. Henss Nigeria Limited has several tables suitable for receptionist. These tables come in different shapes, styles and sizes. You can contact us to find the particular type you are looking for. We would be very glad to help.

Executive Office Table

Mangers and CEO need to have executive office tables to fit their top role in their organisations. These are usually modern office tables with great aesthetics. For design, some executives may prefer to get white office tables or the black ones. It is not uncommon for these executives to consider tables made of finely carved wood which helps to bring out the beauty in the office. Occasionally, these managers may also consider buying small office tables to keep items they may need regularly.

Standing Desk

These types of desk are useful for placing items while you are standing. It could be useful for presentation in the office. For examples, during meetings, workshops, seminars etc. It could also be used to place certain office furnitures. Standing desk provide a flexibility that conventional desk or tables do not. They assist in carrying out task that involve moving from one place to another frequently. It can also be used to place office table furniture.

Office Table for Home

There are homes with offices present in one of the rooms. Tables need to be present in these offices even though it is in a personal residence. We supply quality tables that would be be suitable in a family settings. These tables enable relaxation, comfort, and a very durable. It ensures that even with the stress on it due to being in a place where children may be present, resilience it maintained. Office tables for a home setting can be purchased at Henss Nigeria Limited, Calabar.

Office Table Price

The prices of Office Table depend on the type of tables involved. These tables are usually made from different materials, have different styles, are of different sizes or shapes etc. Our tables offer you value for money by giving you high quality at a competitive price. These ensures that you get the utmost satisfaction for our products whenever you purchase. Our tables are built to last!

Disclaimer Notice: Our attention has been drawn to certain individuals who are supposedly running a charity (NGO) called "Henss Charity Foundation". These people even went ahead to copy some digital identity of our company. This is to inform the public that Henss Nigeria Ltd. is in NO way affiliated with "Henss Charity Foundation". Anyone that does any business with individuals from "Henss Charity Foundation" does so at his or her own risk.

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