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Luxury Chairs with high durability and aesthetics. This will definitely bring out the beauty in your office and aid efficient business decisions.


The best of tables you can find in the market. Made from carefully crafted materials to ensure you have the smoothest and most luxurious feel you can ever imagine.


You can be sure that your most valuable assets are protected with our world class saves. It is made with the strongest materials to ensure durability, reliability and toughness. Completely fire-proof by the way…


Our security doors are the best in the market. Our doors are made from the strongest materials to ensure maximum protection. You can easily use this with peace of mind!


We are a major distributor of high power generators. Our generating sets ensure that you get stable power needed to run your business efficiently. With high reliability and quality, you would never need another,

Buy Generators in Calabar


Disclaimer Notice: Our attention has been drawn to certain individuals who are supposedly running a charity (NGO) called "Henss Charity Foundation". These people even went ahead to copy some digital identity of our company. This is to inform the public that Henss Nigeria Ltd. is in NO way affiliated with "Henss Charity Foundation". Anyone that does any business with individuals from "Henss Charity Foundation" does so at his or her own risk.

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